LeGrand Friends Church
Strengthening and Expanding the Church of Jesus Christ, One Heart at a Time.
LeGrand Friends Church is affiliated with Iowa Yearly Meeting of Friends. LeGrand Friends Church sits on the corner of Main Street (formerly Highway 30) and Franklin Street in the LeGrand, Iowa.

Our Pastor is Alan Mullikin.  Our Sunday schedule begins at 9:00 AM with Sunday School followed at 10:00 AM with our Morning Worship Service. Please come and join us! Everyone is welcome!
Pioneer Club and Chuckwagon
Prayer Meeting
Middle School/High School Youth Group
Pioneer Clubs® provide weekly club programs for boys and girls in preschool through 6th grade that help them make Christ Lord in every aspect of life, form healthy relationships, and develop positive feelings about God, others and themselves.  Club members grow socially, physically, intellectually, emotionally, and spiritually through skill-building activities, projects, games, singing, Scripture memory and Bible study.   Pioneer Club runs from September through April each year.    Pioneer Club begins at 5:45 PM and ends at 7:30 PM. 

Chuckwagon is a meal-time that is held weekly beginning at 5:15 PM.    It's purpose is to allow kids to attend Pioneer Club and still have an evening meal.  There is a minimal cost.
Prayer Meeting is held on Thursday each week at 6:30 PM.  It will last until 7:00 PM.  It is a “come and go” format.  Join us in this important time praying for families, communities, and our nation.

Prayer Ministry Available - Whether you have a health, family, personal, or other type of concern, this is your opportunity to have others partner with you to hear God for your situation.  A typical prayer session lasts 50 to 60 minutes as you share your concern, then pray together.  If needed, sessions can continue weekly for several weeks.  Contact Pastor for more information.
Middle School Youth will meet on Wednesdays from 6:00 PM until 7:30 PM during the school year.  This group is for 7th and 8th grade students.

High School Youth will meet on Sundays at 6:00 PM at the Church during the school year.
Men's Group
Young Adults Group
Men's Group meets Thursday at 9:00 AM  at the church during the school year.  It is a time of fellowship, sharing and bible lessons.
A Young Adults Group will meet bi-monthly at the home of Larry and Donna Eakins.  This group is for anyone who has graduated from high school up through your early 40’s.  Come for a time of fellowship, food and fun.
Adult Sunday School
Youth Sunday School
The following choices are available for adults:

A class called Transformation - Letting God Change You from the Inside Out based on the bok by Bill Hybels will be led by Nancy Slingluff.  The class will begin on September 24.

Spiritual Gifts and Leadership based on the book Apostolic Church Rising by Chuck D. Pierce and Robert Heidler.  The class begins September 10.

Sunday School will start September 10, 2017

Junior/Senior High Students

Kindergarten through 6th Sunday School

Nursery is for children not yet in kindergarten